Comprehensive SAS 1.0 Architecture eLearning Course

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Comprehensive SAS 1.0 Architecture eLearning Course

Instructor(s): Mike Jackson
Number of Modules: 16
Subscription Length: 90 days

Course Price

Comprehensive SAS 1.0 Architecture Course Info

What's Included?

SAS 1.0 eLearning modules
(unlimited access for 90 days)
PDF of Course Slides
(yours to keep, does not expire)
SAS eBook
(yours to keep, does not expire)

Benefits of eLearning:

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You Will Learn:

  • The basics of the serial interface
  • System topology considerations
  • How connections are built and handled
  • How the SAS infrastructure handles different protocols
  • The responsibilities of each design layer
  • How problems are reported and handled

Who Should Attend?

Our target audience for this class is design or validation engineers working on an RTL-level, chip-level, system-level or system board-level design. Although the material is hardware oriented, software engineers can also benefit from seeing the big picture.

Course Outline:

  • Background
    • SCSI
    • Fibre Channel (FC)
    • Serial ATA (SATA)
  • Introduction to SAS 1.0
  • Usage Model: Comparing SAS, SATA, and FC
  • Introduction to Architectural Layers
    • Physical
    • Phy
    • Link
    • Port
    • Transport
  • Expander Devices
  • Application Layer Responsibilities
    • Discovery process
  • Transport Layer Responsibilities
    • SSP and Error Handling
    • STP
    • SMP
  • Port Layer Responsibilities
    • Call Center Routing Model
  • Link Layer Responsibilities
    • Primitives
    • Serial Support
    • Connections
    • Arbitration
    • ACK/NAK Protocol
    • Flow Control
  • Phy Layer Responsibilities
    • Encoding, OOB, Initialization, Resets
  • Physical Layer Responsibilities
    • Differential signaling
    • Inter-Symbol Interference and Compensation
  • Enclosure Services Management
Course Modules
Chapters 1 - 2: SAS Motivation and Background55 minutes
Chapters 3 - 4: Overview of SAS Layers; Device Types and Topologies52 minutes
Chapter 5: The Layered Device Architecture27 minutes
Chapter 6: SAS Initialization48 minutes
Chapter 7: Discovery Process34 minutes
Chapter 8: Application Layer24 minutes
Chapter 9: Transport Layer49 minutes
Chapter 10: Port Layer28 minutes
Chapter 11: Link Layer Overview38 minutes
Chapter 12: Link Layer - Serial Support27 minutes
Chapter 13: Link Layer - Connection Management21 minutes
Chapter 14: Link Layer - Arbitration31 minutes
Chapter 15: Link Layer - Protocol Differences20 minutes
Chapter 16: Phy Layer49 minutes
Chapters 17 - 18: Physical Layer; Cables & Connectors43 minutes
Chapters 19 - 20: SATA Support ; SATA Initialization63 minutes