PCI-X System Architecture
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PCI-X System Architecture

Author(s): Tom Shanley
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Pages: 688
Retail Price: $64.99

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"A must-have PC architecture reference set."
     - PC Magazine's 'Read Only' Column

PCI-X is the successor to the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Bus Specification, the current standard that enables communication between peripheral devices and the computer processor. A major improvement over the older PCI technology, PCI-X enables significantly higher performance with transfer rates of up to 1.06 GB per second.

PCI-X System Architecture is a detailed and comprehensive guide to the PCI-X technology. It highlights the many changes and improvements from PCI 2.2 to PCI-X so that you can build on your PCI knowledge to master PCI-X with greater ease. The book discusses the drawbacks of PCI and how PCI-X solves these problems, achieving faster transfer rates. In addition, it presents in-depth information and practical guidance on the PCI-X transaction protocol, device configuration for PCI-X, load tuning, PCI-X bridges, error detection and handling, and electrical issues. You will find specific information on such key topics as:

Key Topics:

  • Device types and bus initialization, including Hot-Plug PCI-X initialization
  • Dword and burst commands
  • Bus arbitration, latency rules, and burst transactions
  • Transaction termination
  • Split completion messages
  • 64-bit transactions
  • Bridge and non-bridge configuration registers
  • Load tuning, including adjustable fields and registers, split completion buffers, and adjusting timeslice values
  • PCI-XtoPCI-X Bridges
  • Handling master abort, attribute phase parity errors, and split read errors
  • The CD-ROM includes a 70-minute PCI-X overview video by Tom Shanley, featuring an introduction to the basic concepts underlying PCI-X bus technology. Topics covered include terminology, detection of PCI-X-capable functions, the block-oriented bus, transaction types and phases, a detailed explanation of an example transaction, and how split transactions replace the delayed transactions of PCI.

    Anyone who designs or tests hardware or software that involves the PCI-X bus will find that PCI-X System Architecture is an essential resource for understanding and working with this important technology.

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    About the Authors

    About the Authors

    Tom Shanley, president of MindShare, Inc., is one of the world's foremost authorities on computer system architecture. In the course of his career, he has trained thousands of engineers in hardware and software design.