USB 3.0 Technology
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USB 3.0 Technology

Author(s): Don Anderson, Jay Trodden
Publisher: MindShare Press
Pages: 650
Retail Price: $74.99

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"A critical success factor in developing high speed serial data protocols is ramping up on these technologies quickly. We have found that MindShare books, like USB 3.0 Technology, allow engineers to learn new protocols more quickly and efficiently compared to reading the specifications."

- Mike Micheletti - USB Product Manager, Teledyne LeCroy

The third generation of USB increases transfer rates to 5.0 Gbits/s (SuperSpeed) and includes backward compatibility with all earlier USB specifications (1.1/2.0) and speeds (Low Speed, Full Speed, and High Speed) USB 3.0 SuperSpeed protocol also brings significant enhancements in the areas of device and system power conservation, error handling, and data flow control.

SuperSpeed bus instances replace the USB broadcast bus model with directed (unicast) packets. Dual-simplex signaling enables asynchronous device notifications and simplifies link partner communication used in link flow control, packet acknowledgement and retry, and power management transitions.

MindShare's books take the hard work out of deciphering the specs, and this one follows that tradition. MindShare's USB 3.0 Technology book provides a thorough description of the interface with numerous practical examples that illustrate the concepts. Written in a tutorial style, this book is ideal for anyone working with USB technologies.

Key Topics:

  • Motivations for USB 3.0
  • End-to-End Protocols
  • Protocol Packet Types and Fields
  • Transfer Types
  • Bulk Streaming
  • Port-to-Port Protocols
  • Link Packet Types and Fields
  • Link and Physical Layer Hardware
  • Link Flow Control
  • Link Error Detection and Handling
  • 8b/10b Encoding/Decoding
  • Ordered Sets
  • Link Power Management
  • SuperSpeed Reset
  • Link Initialization
  • USB Configuration
  • USB 3.0 Hubs
  • Physical Layer Electrical
  • Compliance Testing
  • Thoughtfully organized, featuring many illustrations and examples, and comprehensive in scope, USB 3.0 Technology is an essential resource for anyone working with this important technology.

    MindShare's System Architecture Series is a crisply written and comprehensive set of guides to the most important computer hardware standards. Books in the series are intended for use by hardware and software designers, programmers, and support personnel.

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    About the Authors

    Donovan (Don) Anderson, has worked with MindShare for over 21 years and has conducted courses on a wide range of topics including USB and has authored/co-authored 14 MindShare books including USB 2.0 System Architecture and PCI Express.

    Jay Trodden has been a computer hardware designer for many years and a MindShare instructor for nearly 14 years. His design and teaching experience includes work with many processors and a number of bus architectures, including PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express, HyperTransport, and USB. Jay co-authored MindShare's HyperTransport System Architecture book.