High-Speed/EMI for Mobile Platforms


Let MindShare Bring "High-Speed Design and EMI/EMC for Mobile Platforms" to Life for You

It is predicted that high-speed memory usage for Mobile Platforms will overtake the PC memory industry by the year 2015. Designing the various bus interfaces in the mobile platform from both a layout and timing perspective requires an understanding of a number of high-speed signal integrity and EMI/EMC issues. The purpose of this course is to discuss high-speed design and EMI/EMC concepts as it applies to mobile platforms. In particular, the concepts learned will be applied to high-speed interfaces such as:

• Mobile DRAM (LPDDRx) Interface
• Mobile PCI Express (M-PCle) Interface
• Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Interface

This course will instruct you in the disciplines to “do it right the first time.” The course will also cover EMI/EMC issues and solutions to build a compliant mobile product that meets timing constraints, minimum cost, and accomplishes “just in time.”

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High-Speed Design and EMI/EMC for Mobile Platforms
3 days
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High-Speed Design and EMI/EMC for Mobile Platforms Course Info

You Will Learn:

  • Design transmission lines
  • Overcome the negative effects of capacitance of the interfacing ICs on the bus
  • Minimize crosstalk between/among the high-speed signals
  • Bypassing (innerplane and discrete capacitors) and power delivery (the proper energy to the IC pin at the required time)
  • Overcome the negative effects of vias: throughhole, blind and buried
  • Modify PCB to I/O connector mating to minimize impedance mismatch reflections
  • Use digital simulation to achieve signal integrity

Course Length: 3 days

Who Should Attend?

Digital logic engineers. System Architects, EMC specialists, Technicians, PCB layout professionals, IC designers, Application Engineers, Anyone who works with high-speed digital logic

Course Outline:

Day 1
High-Speed Design Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals
  • High-Speed Properties of Logic Gates/Measurement Techniques
  • Transmission Lines
  • Terminations/Vias
  • Ground Planes and Layer Stacking

Day 2

  • Power Systems
  • Connectors & Cables
  • Buses
  • Clock Distribution

High-Speed Buses and Interfaces in Mobile Platforms

  • Low Power Dual Data Rate DRAM 3 (LPDDR3)
  • Mobile PCI Express (M-PCIe)
  • Universal Flash Storage (UFS)

Day 3

EMI Concerns for Mobile Platforms

  • EMI Regulations
  • Conducting an EMI test
  • Grounding Designs, CM Radiation, and PCB Antenna Loops
  • Basics of PCB Radiation and PCB Suppression Techniques
  • Bypassing and Radiation on PCBs
  • Cables/Connectors and Interfaces
  • Filtering and Shielding

Recommended Prerequisites:
Basic knowledge of ICs, high-speed designs and PCB layouts. No advanced math is required though attendees will find it helpful to bring a scientific calculator to the course.

Supplied Materials:
1) Course presentation PDF
2) Optional on request, Textbook: "High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic" by Howard Johnson, Ph.D. and Martin Graham, Ph. D.
3) Optional on request, Textbook: "EMC for Product Designers" by Tim Williams