SAS Storage Architecture

Author(s): Mike Jackson
Publisher: MindShare Press
Pages: 630
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"STA is delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to MindShare's SAS Storage Architecture book. SAS technology is a significant inflection point in the evolution of data storage and MindShare has done an admirable job in explaining the technology. The content of the MindShare book will be very beneficial to SAS system designers and integrators and also provide a valuable resource for engineering students."
     - Harry Mason, President of the SCSI Trade Association

MindShare's SAS Storage Architecture book provides an in-depth and comprehensive introduction to the SAS standard. The book contains help for design, verification, and test projects. In addition, it offers valuable insight into the technology's development and features.

Following an overview of the SAS architecture, the book moves on to cover transaction protocols, the physical/electrical layers and more. Thoughtfully organized and comprehensive in scope, featuring nearly 300 illustrations, the SAS Storage Architecture book is an essential resource for anyone working with this important technology.

Key Topics:

  • Background
    • SCSI, ATA, Fibre Channel
  • SAS Architectural Overview
    • Serial Operation
    • Definitions
    • Expander Devices
    • Overview of layers
  • Upper Layers
    • Application and Transport Layers
    • SSP, STP, SMP
    • Port Layer
  • Link Layer
    • Primitives
    • Serial Support
    • Frames, Connections, Arbitration
    • SSP, STP and SMP Protocols
  • Physical Layers
    • PHY layer - Encoding, Initialization, OOB
    • Resets
    • Physical layer
  • Appendices
    • SCSI background
    • Fibre Channel background
    • Sharing the server market: SAS, SATA, and Fibre Channel

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About the Authors

Mike Jackson is a senior staff engineer and instructor with MindShare, Inc., where he has trained thousands of engineers. He is an industry expert on such topics as Intel Processor and PC architecture, as well as such bus architectures as SAS, PCI, PCI-X, and PCI Express. Before joining MindShare, Mr. Jackson worked as a high-speed digital designer for AMD and as an ASIC developer for several years with Compaq Computer Corp.



SAS Storage Architecture