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MindShare Services

MindShare offers a wide variety of learning options that effectively address your learning needs


In-House Classroom Training
This is our premium training delivery method. MindShare comes to your worksite, anywhere on the globe, and trains your company’s engineers and staff. Our in-house training programs are so effective that over 90% of our clients re-hire MindShare within the year.

In-House Virtual Classroom Training
The majority of our courses are offered live over the web using proven web training solutions incorporating both video and audio. We are able to provide you training with extreme flexibility across multiple sites and time zones where your team can still interact directly with the instructor. Imagine being trained on the latest technology while sitting in your own cubical or home office without the hassle of  travel or training rooms.

Public Classroom and Virtual Classroom Training
Our most popular courses are offered publically several times a year in select cities in the US and around the world. We also deliver these courses in a virtual classroom setting targeted at select time zones around the world. This provides you cost effective training without the huge travel expenses. In both cases, you still get to interact with the experienced instructors and get your questions answered in real-time.

Online eLearning Module Training
MindShare is also an eLearning company that creates engaging interactive modules that deliver training in a very convenient and cost effective manner. Our modules can be viewed anytime that is convenient for you 24/7, 365 days a year. You also have the luxury of viewing these training modules over and over again to solidify the concepts in your mind.

MindShare instructors have authored more than 25 technical books and eBooks on several of the technologies that we teach. Our books have been acclaimed by engineers across the globe as being the best technical resource on a given technology. You can also publish your own technical material under the MindShare name. Over the years, MindShare has collected a wealth of expertise in the technical publications arena and can use this experience to help you publish your own authored material. MindShare Press offers very compelling and competitive publishing royalty packages.