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MindShare selected as a training provider for the Intel Embedded Design Center (EDC) (3/23/2009)

TRADE NEWS: MindShare Announces New Intel® Architecture-based Training Modules

CHANDLER, Arizona, March 23, 2009. MindShare, Inc. announces the development of the following classroom and eLearning courses: 1) Intel® AtomTM Processor Architecture classroom course, 2) Comprehensive 32/64-bit x86 architecture classroom course and eLearning course, and 3) Intro to 32/64-bit x86 architecture eLearning course. Details of these courses are available on the MindShare website and Intel® Embedded Design Center (EDC), an online resource for designing with Intel’s newest embedded processors and chipsets.

Registered users of the Intel EDC are offered a 15% discount on MindShare classroom and virtual classroom courses and a 20% discount on MindShare eLearning courses.

Selecting a processor for an embedded design requires you to balance processing power requirements against processor and system power consumption issues, real-estate constraints and thermal emissions. In balancing these issues, a designer may sometimes be required to make compromises in design feature set, power and thermal issues so that ultimately a product can be released to market in a timely manner. The Intel® Atom™ processor is amongst a wide selection of Intel processors that is a compelling choice to use in an embedded computing platform.

MindShare courses about Intel processor and platform related subjects provide an introductory as well as in-depth knowledge of the features, function and understanding needed to design an embedded system in a cost-effective and timely manner. When switching from another non-Intel based architecture to Intel, MindShare courses provide the knowledge required to make that transition smooth. MindShare courses include but are not limited to Intel processor, chipset and instruction set architecture courses, x86 programming courses, IO bus courses such as PCI Express and USB, storage courses such as SATA, DDR2 and DDR3 courses, wireless courses such as on Bluetooth Technology, and high-speed design courses.
"MindShare has been developing and delivering both system and processor architecture courses since the advent of the 386 processor," said Ravi Budruk, business development manager at MindShare, Inc. “MindShare is in a unique position to continue its tradition of developing and delivering engaging training on next generation Intel processor architectures such as on the Intel Atom Processor.”

“MindShare courses supply an inside look at Intel architecture which can be a valued asset to today’s design engineers. By offering multiple venues for learning about Intel® architecture, MindShare enriches the training selection that is available on the Intel Embedded Design Center,” said Boji Tony, director of Strategic Programs & Operations at Intel Corporation.

“MindShare has also authored an industry acclaimed series of technical books and eBooks such as The Unabridged Pentium 4 and Protected Mode Architecture. These books describe the architecture of multiple generations of Intel microprocessors ranging from the Intel 386 to the Pentium® 4 processor,” said Don Anderson, vice-president of MindShare, Inc. “MindShare Press will also publish a book on the 32/64-bit Intel® Instruction Set Architecture.”

“So that we may offer the flexibility in training delivery and multiple price points required by our clients, MindShare has moved into the eLearning training space”, said Tom Shanley, president and CEO of MindShare, Inc. “In addition to our well-known live classroom delivery, we now offer our clients courses delivered live via the web in a virtual classroom environment as well as through downloadable interactive eLearning modules.”

“MindShare’s eLearning courses provide very cost-effective training which is highly effective as well. These courses can be viewed on-demand and are available 24/7,” said Joe Winkles, Manager of eLearning programs at MindShare, Inc. “MindShare has released a wide selection of eLearning modules to accompany you during your transition to an embedded platform design based on an Intel processor such as the Intel Atom.”

About MindShare, Inc.

MindShare is a world renowned course development, training and publishing company that enables high-tech companies to adopt, implement, and roll-out new technologies with greater speed and confidence. MindShare now goes beyond the classroom to deliver engaging interactive eLearning both in the virtual classroom setting and the online eLearning module format. Information about MindShare is available on the Web at HYPERLINK ""

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