ARM v8-A (64-bit) Pipelines eLearning Course

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ARM v8-A (64-bit) Pipelines eLearning Course

Instructor(s): Paul Devriendt
Number of Modules: 6
Subscription Length: 90 days

Course Price

ARM v8-A (64-bit) Pipelines eLearning Course Info

What's Included?

ARM v8-A Pipelines eLearning modules
(unlimited access for 90 days)
PDF of Course Slides
(yours to keep, does not expire)

Who Should View?

This course is aimed at hardware engineers and system architects developing for systems powered by ARMv8-A processors such as Cortex-A53, Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A72 Processors.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    Intro to ARM architecture profiles v7-A and v8-A, intro to v7-A 32-bit processors and v8-A 64-bit processors
  • Module 2: Pipeline ARM Cortex-A57
    Covers overview of Cortex-A57, MPCore and clusters, main implementation options, block diagram, level 2 memory system, cache and TLBs, pipeline stages with descriptions, execution clusters, L2 cache organization, AMD Opteron A1100 (Seattle) coverage, AMD Seattle: SoC, security info, I/O structure, SCP internals, SCP boot flow, DRAM info
  • Module 3: Pipeline ARM Cortex-A72
    Covers overview of Cortex-A72, cluster and cores, implementation options, block diagram, pipeline stages with descriptions, load/store, level 2 memory system
  • Module 4: Pipeline ARM Cortex-A53
    Covers overview of Cortex-A53, MPCore and clusters, block diagram, TLBs, level 2 memory system, L1 data cache, L1 instruction cache, L2 cache, pipeline stages with descriptions, branch prediction, power management
  • Module 5: AppliedMicro X-Gene
    Covers overview of AppliedMicro X-Gene, roadmap, X-Gene1 (execution and IO), X-Gene2 (processor module and execution), X-Gene3 intro
  • Module 6: Interconnects
    Covers overview of AMBA5 - CHI (coherent hub interconnect), importance of the interconnect, role of the interconnect, CoreLink CCN-504 CHI, receive and transmit, CCN-504 and CCN-508 Rings, layers and nodes, system address map, performance analysis
Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction8 minutes
Module 2: Pipeline ARM Cortex-A5740 minutes
Module 3: Pipeline ARM Cortex-A7221 minutes
Module 4: Pipeline ARM Cortex-A5322 minutes
Module 5: AppliedMicro X-Gene13 minutes
Module 6: Interconnects12 minutes