Fundamentals of ARM Architecture

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Fundamentals of ARM Architecture

Instructor(s): Paul Devriendt
Number of Modules: 12
Subscription Length: 90 days

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Fundamentals of ARM Architecture

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Who Should View?

This fundamentals course is a great start for any hardware or software engineer looking to get a base understanding of the ARM architecture. Topics range from the ARM instruction sets, processor modes, architecture profiles, instruction pipelines, bus interfaces, software development environments and much more.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Introduction to ARM
    - Provides an intro to ARM the company and their business model, describes an example ARM-based SoC, core vs MP-core and different aspects of the architecture
  • Module 2: ARM Processor Architectures
    - Discusses, RISC vs CISC, ARM naming conventions, legacy architectures, architecture profiles (v7-A, v7-R, v7-M, v8-A, v8-R and v8-M), SecureCore
  • Module 3a: ARM Instruction Sets
    - Covers an intro to ARM instructions (A32), Thumb instructions (T32), interworking
  • Module 3b: ARM Instruction Sets
    - Provides descriptions of Thumb vs ARM instructions, instruction encodings, conditional execution (If Then Else), JVM bytecodes, new features in v8-A, 64-bit registers
  • Module 4a: ARM v7A Architecture
    - Covers v7-A instruction sets and registers, CPSR / APSR / SPSR, processor modes, banked registers, mode changes, memory ordering, memory alignment, memory types, memory barrier instructions (DMB, DSB, ISB)
  • Module 4b: ARM v7A Architecture
    - Discusses semaphore implementations, exceptions, external interrupts, MP-core interrupt delivery, exception table, examples of taking an exception, exception return
  • Module 5: ARM v7A Extensions: Floating Point, Neon, TrustZone, Virtualization
    - Covers SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) operation, Vector Floating Point (VFP) registers, Advanced SIMD (Neon) registers, SIMD data types, TrustZone intro and concept, normal world / secure world, secure monitor, virtualization overview, virtualization and TrustZone playing together
  • Module 6: ARM v8A Architecture
    - Provides info on v8-A Exception Levels (privilege levels), EL0, EL1, EL2 and EL3, switching AArch64 and AArch32, PSR bits, Processor State (PState), DAIF and interrupt control, load store process, floating point registers, SIMD registers, taking an exception / interrupt, vector table, exception syndrome registers
  • Module 7: ARM v7M and v8M Architecture
    - Provides an intro to v7-M instruction sets and register sets, XPSR, privileges and modes, stacking of registers, Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC), exception table, fixed memory map, protected memory architecture, v8-M architecture variants
  • Module 8: Processor Pipelines: Cortex-M4, R4, A7, A15
    - Discusses pipeline basics (Fetch->Decode->Execute), enhancements for faster processors, Cortex-M4 pipeline, Cortex-R4 pipeline, Cortex-A7 pipeline, Cortex-A15 pipeline and block diagram
  • Module 9: AMBA Bus Architectures: AXI, ACE, CHI, AHB, APB
    - Provides quick overviews of Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) buses, AXI3 (master and slave, 5 channels), cache coherency, ACE (AXI4), AXI coherence channels, ACE Lite, CHI (AMB5), CoreLink CCN-504, AHB, APB
  • Module 10: CoreSight, Debug, Trace and Tools
    - Discusses performance monitors, debug possibilities, invasive debug, vector catch, trace, test features, BIOS / UEFI and ACPI, ARM supplied software and hardware tools, GNU / Linux / Android, RTOSs and Linaro
Course Modules
Module 1: Introduction to ARM26 minutes
Module 2: ARM Processor Architectures30 minutes
Module 3a: ARM Instruction Sets29 minutes
Module 3b: ARM Instruction Sets19 minutes
Module 4a: ARM v7A Architecture32 minutes
Module 4b: ARM v7A Architecture24 minutes
Module 5: ARM v7A Extensions: Floating Point, Neon, TrustZone, Virtualization21 minutes
Module 6: ARM v8A Architecture31 minutes
Module 7: ARM v7M and v8M Architecture27 minutes
Module 8: Processor Pipelines: Cortex-M4, R4, A7, A1528 minutes
Module 9: AMBA Bus Architectures: AXI, ACE, CHI, AHB, APB27 minutes
Module 10: CoreSight, Debug, Trace and Tools22 minutes