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MindShare brings the numerous advantages of online eLearning to you by creating engaging and interactive modules from your content.

Do you have knowledge that you want to bring to life?

We can help you Bring Life to Your Knowledge.

The course development process is as follows:
  1. Contact MindShare and we will setup a meeting to understand the course topic and your goals with the module. We will determine: 1) your budget, 2) course duration, 3) quality of the presentation, 4) level of interaction and animation required based on subject matter, 5) requirement for performance measurement and LMS compatibility 6) audio and video components needed
  2. Once we have come to an agreement to develop a module, we will develop a scope of work document and sign an NDA if necessary
  3. You provide MindShare with the appropriate specifications, whitepapers, documents, presentations and any information which will help us understand the topic
  4. MindShare Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will review your content and create an approved course outline
  5. MindShare SMEs in conjunction with Instructional Designers will create an approved course storyboard which contains diagrams, text, animation and interaction definitions. If required we will add LMS compatible performance measurement reviews and Q&As
  6. Flash Programmers along with our audio/video specialists will then convert the storyboard to your interactive online eLearning module
  7. Your experts review the module, recommend changes and edits. MindShare incorporates these changes and delivers the final module in a timely manner
  8. If part of the agreement, MindShare will help market and sell your Off-the-Shelf module on our website. MindShare provides steaming services

Check out our online eLearning module samples: