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Superior and Engaging Presentations

Since founding MindShare in 1988, we have been industry recognized for the superior and engaging presentation we have created for presentation in classroom and virtual classroom. These presentations range from subjects such as PCI Express System Architecture to Intel and AMD Processor Architecture to SATA and SAS Storage Architecture.

Do you have knowledge that you want to bring to life?

We can help you Bring Life to Your Knowledge.

The course development process is as follows:
  1. Contact MindShare and we will setup a meeting to understand the course topic. Let us know whether you want to create a classroom presentation, virtual classroom presentation or both
  2. Once we have come to an agreement to develop a course, we will develop a scope of work document and sign an NDA if necessary
  3. You provide MindShare with the appropriate specifications, whitepapers, documents, presentations and any information which will help us understand the topic
  4. MindShare Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will review your content and create an approved course outline
  5. MindShare SMEs in conjunction with Instructional Designers will then create the diagrams, animations and interactive content necessary to put the course together
  6. For virtual classroom content, we will spend additional effort creating animations and interactions, as well as add polling questions that make the course suitable for web delivery
  7. Your experts review the presentation, recommend changes and edits. MindShare incorporates these changes and delivers the final content in a timely manner
  8. If part of the agreement, MindShare will help market and sell the course as well as deliver training with our trainers
  9. We also offer train-the-trainer services to educate your training experts in content delivery

Check out samples of a few of the many courses we have created for delivery both in classroom and virtual classroom setting:

  • AMD Opteron Processor Architecture
  • PCI Express System Architecture