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MindShare’s PCI architecture course provides a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the PCI bus architecture as defined by the PCI 2.3 specification. The course covers all aspects of the specification from a hardware design perspective and also discusses the software requirements of PCI implementations. This course provides in-depth information, example implementations, and practical guidance that will give you a running start on your project.

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Comprehensive PCI     
3 days

4 days

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Comprehensive PCI Course Info

You Will Learn:

  • How to design, debug and validate PCI designs
  • How to analyze a PCI timing diagram
  • Electrical characteristics of PCI signals
  • Enumerate a PCI system
  • How to initialize PCI configuration space

Course Length: 3 days

Who Should Attend?

This in-depth course is hardware oriented, but is designed for both hardware and software engineers. The course contains practical examples of transactions on the link and describes error conditions to be aware of. It also covers all the rules required for a device to be specification compliant. This makes the course ideal for a system validation engineer who is evaluating an RTL-level, chip-level, system-level or system board-level design.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to PCI and the Bus Operation
  • Reflected Wave Switching
  • The PCI Bus Signals
  • Arbitration on the Bus
  • Master and Target Latency Rules
  • The PCI Commands or Transaction Types
  • Description of PCI Read Transactions
  • Description of PCI Write Transactions
  • Memory and IO Addressing
  • Fast Back-to-Back Transaction Capability and Address/Data Stepping
  • Early Transaction End
  • Error Detection and Handling
  • Interrupt Support
  • 64-bit Data Bus and 64-bit Address Capability
  • 66 MHz Implementations
  • PCI Power Management
  • Hot Plug
  • Add-in Cards and Connectors
  • Configuration Overview
  • Configuration Mechanisms
  • PCI Bus Enumeration
  • Device Configuration Registers
  • Expansion ROMs
  • PCI Bridges
  • Transaction Ordering Rules
  • The PCI BIOS
  • Locked Transaction Support
  • CompactPCI and PMC Architecture (Covered only upon request)

Recommended Prerequisites:

A basic understanding of PC architecture or similar architecture is required.

Training Materials:

MindShare’s PCI System Architecture textbook (4th Edition)
Authors: Don Anderson and Tom Shanley
Available through the MindShare Store and major bookstore outlets.

PCI System Architecture (4th Edition)