Let MindShare Bring "Hands-On NVM Express (NVMe) 1.2" to Life for You

MindShare's NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) course begins with a review of PCI Express (PCIe) basics as a foundation for the study of NVMe. Next, a high-level view of the architecture provides the big-picture context. Finally, we drill down into some details for each part of the design, providing an introduction to the hardware and software protocols.

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Hands-On NVMe 1.2 Architecture
1 day

1 day

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Hands-On PCI Express 3.1
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Hands-On NVM Express (NVMe) 1.2 Architecture Course Info

You Will Learn:

  • An overview of PCIe configuration
  • Basics of the NVMe Host Controller Interface model
  • The steps for device initialization
  • How command queues are set up and managed
  • How host software learns that commands have been completed
  • Which command sets are defined, what the commands are, and an overview of how they work
  • The error reporting structures defined
  • The power management options

Course Length: 1 Day

Course Outline:

  • Basics
    • PCIe Background 
    • NVMe Host-Controller Interface overview
    • HANDS-ON ARBOR LAB: discover register addresses
    • Queue Management
  • Commands
    • NVMe Commands
    • Command execution 
      • Creation and management of Queues
      • Managing the queue: Doorbell register operation
      • Priority and Arbitration of commands
      • Completing commands
      • Informing the Host of completions
      • Handling Metadata
      • Asynchronous Event Notification
    • HANDS-ON ARBOR LAB: read commands from a queue
    • Addressing modes
    • Get/Set Features
    • HANDS-ON ARBOR LAB: use of get/set features ? discover queue allocation
  • Architecture
    • Error reporting, Error Reporting Structures
    • Firmware updates
    • Controller registers
    • Power Management
    • Reservations
  • Summary of changes for spec version 1.2
    • Enhanced power management hint
    • Option to use no local memory
    • Option to use large local memory for SQs
    • Live firmware updates
    • Additional commands for setting up Namespaces (to use with Reservations)
  • Appendices
    • Other NVMe commands
    • PCIe Architecture Overview

Recommended Prerequisites:

Previous exposure to PCIe is needed, as is some general knowledge of PC architectures.

Supplied Materials:

  1. Downloadable PDF version of the presentation slides.
  2. PCI Express Technology eBook (or hardcopy on request) by Mike Jackson and Ravi Budruk.
  3. Optional: MindShare Arbor software tool, used for student labs in the class.
  4. Optional: Comprehensive NVMe 1.1a eLearning course



Santa Clara, CA: 12/8/2017

PCI Express Technology 3.0