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  Featured Module
Comprehensive SATA Storage Architecture
  Instructor: Don Anderson
  Number of Modules: 25
  Price $395
Other Modules
Comprehensive PCI Express® 2.0 Architecture
Comprehensive SAS Architecture
Fundamentals of PCI Express
Intro to 32/64-bit x86 Architecture
Intro to PCI Express® IO Virtualization
Intro to Virtualization Technology
Intro to PCI Express® 2.0 Changes

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  Embedded USB 2.0 Architecture  
  Dates 06/22/09 - 06/25/09  
  Price $2495  
  Location Vacation and Train at:      Bend, Oregon - Classroom  
  PCI Express® 2.0 Architecture  
  Dates 06/22/09 - 06/25/09
  Price $2495  
  Location Santa Clara, CA - Classroom   
  PCI Express® 2.0 Architecture  
  Dates 07/13/09 - 07/16/09
  Price $1795  
  Location Banguluru, India - Classroom   
  x86 Assembly Programming New  
  Dates 07/20/09 - 07/23/09  
  Price $1995  
  Location Santa Clara, CA  - Classroom   
  Protected Mode Programming New  
  Dates 08/17/09 - 08/21/09  
  Price $2995  
  Location Santa Clara, CA  - Classroom   
  USB 3.0 Architecture New  
  Dates 07/27/09 - 07/30/09  
  Price $1195  
  Location Pacific Time - Virtual Classroom*  
  Intel® QuickPath Interconnect New  
  Dates 07/15/09 - 07/17/09  
  Price $1995  
  Location Santa Clara, CA  - Classroom   

*Virtual-Classroom courses are cost-effective. Instruction is delivered real-time over the web using WebEx and a phone bridge connection which facilitates instructor-student interaction

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  Featured Book + eBook
MindShare eBook Library Subscription New

eBooks Included:

  • PCI Express System Architecture
  • USB System Architecture
  • PCI System Architecture
  • PCI-X System Architecture
  • HyperTransport 3.1 Interconnect
  • SAS Storage Architecture
  • SATA Storage Technology
  • ISA System Architecture
  • The Unabridged Pentium 4
  • FireWire System Architecture
  • HyperTransport System Architecture
  • InfiniBand Network Architecture
  • One Year Subscription:
    Price: $99
      Training Courses
    World-Class Technical Training
        Intel® QuickPath Interconnect New
    Intel® Core™ (Nehalem) Processor New Intel® Core 2 (Penryn) Processor
    Intel® Atom Processor New
    AMD Opteron Processor
    32/64-bit x86 Architecture
    Intel® PC and Chipset Architecture
    Assembly Language Programming
    Protected Mode Programming
    PC Virtualization
    Bluetooth Product Development
    PCI Express 2.0®
    USB 3.0
    USB 2.0
    Serial ATA (SATA)
    Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)
    Modern DRAM Technology
    High-Speed Design
    EMI / EMC
    and more....
      Coming Soon in Q3 2009
    LPDDR DRAM Architecture

    Featured Article
    Overview of Changes to

    PCI Express® 3.0


    by Mike Jackson,

    MindShare, Inc


    This article highlights the additional features and capabilities introduced into the yet to be released PCI Express 3.0 specification.

    Other Resources and Articles
    * PCI Express® Measurement Poster
    * Introduction to PCI Express®
    * EHCI for USB 2.0

    * PCI Express® Compliance Using a Predictable, Metrics-Based Verification Closure Methodology

      New Courses - Q3 2009

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    * Intel® QuickPath Interconnect
    Intel® Core™ (Nehalem) Processor

        Press Release - 03/09/2009
    * MindShare goes live with "USB 3.0"  training course
    * MindShare goes live with "Intel® Atom Processor" training course
    * MindShare goes live with "Cost-Effective Bluetooth Wireless Product Development"  training course
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