Fundamentals of PCI Express eLearning Course

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Fundamentals of PCI Express eLearning Course
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Fundamentals of PCI Express eLearning Course

Instructor(s): Mike Jackson
Number of Modules: 7
Subscription Length: 90 days

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Fundamentals of PCI Express eLearning Course Info

What's Included?

Fundamentals of PCIe eLearning modules
(unlimited access for 90 days)
PDF of Course Slides
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You Will Learn:

  • How PCIe is backward compatible with PCI and PCI-X
  • Motivation for PCIe serial model
  • Software view of the topology
  • Definition and responsibilities of each layer in the PCIe interface
  • PCIe transaction types and definitions
  • The routing method used for each request and completion
  • Roles of the Flow Control and ACK / NAK features
  • Purpose and behavior of the logical blocks within the Physical Layer
  • Error types and the associated levels of severity

Who Should View?

This course provides a great overview of the basics of the PCI Express 2.0 technology and is for individuals who need to know the fundamentals of PCI Express but not the low-level implementation or validation details. This course was designed with FAEs and managers in mind but is also a great jump-start for design/validation/verification engineers wanting to learn this IO bus. If you are looking for a course that covers more of the low-level details and features, please check out our Comprehensive PCI Express 2.0 eLearning Course.

Course Outline:

  • PCI Background
    - Describes the pieces of PCI and PCI-X that are still relevant for PCIe: configuration, address spaces, interrupts, split transaction, etc.
  • PCIe Overview
    - Describes: Links, Lanes, Throughput, PCIe Topologies, Root Complexes, Endpoints, Switches, Transaction Types, Config Space, Enumeration, and more
  • Layered Architecture
    - Provides overview of Transaction Layer and its functions (Flow Control, Quality of Service, etc.), Data Link Layer and its functions (reliable data delivery, ACK / NAK protocol, etc.), and Physical Layer and its functions
  • Address Spaces and Transaction Routing
    - Memory, IO and Config Address Spaces are covered as well as the routing types: route by address, route by ID, route implicitly (broadcast, go to root, terminate at receiver, etc.)
  • Flow Control
    - Discusses the purpose and behavior of the Flow Control protocol (credit values, timers, blocking, etc.)
  • ACK / NAK Protocol
    - Defines basic operation of ACK / NAK protocol and then provides numerous examples covering border cases
  • Logical and Electrical Parts of the Physical Layer
    - Describes packet framing, byte striping, scrambling, 8b/10 encoding, elastic buffer, ordered-sets, De-emphasis, inter-symbol interference, low-voltage option
  • Error Detection and Handling
    - Defines classes of errors: Correctable, Non-Fatal and Fatal as well as covers error reporting behaviors: PCI-compatible, baseline and advanced error reporting including advisory non-fatal errors
Course Modules
Section 1: Background45 minutes
Section 2: Overview - Part A40 minutes
Section 2: Overview - Part B46 minutes
Section 3: Address Spaces & Transaction Routing16 minutes
Section 4: Flow Control & AckNak Protocol43 minutes
Section 5: Physical Layer52 minutes
Section 6: Error Detection & Handling40 minutes