Comprehensive x86 eLearning Course

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Technical Titles
FireWire System Architecture (2nd Edition)
HyperTransport 3.1 Interconnect Technology
HyperTransport System Architecture
InfiniBand Network Architecture
ISA System Architecture (3rd Edition)
PCI Express System Architecture
PCI Express Technology 3.0
PCI System Architecture (4th Edition)
PCI-X System Architecture
SAS Storage Architecture
SATA Storage Technology
The Unabridged Pentium 4
Universal Serial Bus System Architecture
USB 3.0 Technology
x86 Instruction Set Architecture

Historical Titles
Heaven's Favorite - Book One Ascent: The Rise of Chinggis Khan
Heaven's Favorite - Book Two Dominion: Dawn of the Mongol Empire


Comprehensive 32/64-bit x86 Architecture eLearning Course

Instructor: Joe Winkles

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Comprehensive 32/64-bit x86 Architecture Course Info

What's Included?

Intro to x86 eLearning modules PDF of Course Slides

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You Will Learn:

  • How Paging is implemented in x86-based processors including the TLBs role
  • How interrupts interrupts and exceptions are handled within the processor core
  • What virtualization is and how the hardware extensions for virtualization from Intel and AMD work
  • Basic caching behavior and how to assign memory types to address ranges
  • The purpose and behavior of each operating mode in x86
  • What address spaces are available in x86 and the characteristics and purpose of each
  • What the different instruction groups are and how they are used

Who Should View?

This course is ideal for anyone new to the x86 Instruction Set Architecture. It provides a ground up approach to explaining the behavior and purpose behind each architectural element and feature of x86. The x86 architecture spans 30 years, so there is a lot of history here. This course does not spend a lot of time discussing the historical aspects of this architecture and instead focuses on how x86 is used in today's systems. Topics like paging, interrupt handling, protected mode, the 64-bit extensions, instruction behavior, etc. are given a lot of focus.

This course is a must for anyone in a role debugging x86 code as well as verification and validation engineers working on x86-based processors.

Topics Covered:

  • Instruction Set Overview
  • Register Set
  • Operating Modes
  • Real Mode Operation
  • Protected Mode (Segmentation)
  • 64-bit Operation
  • Task Management
  • Paging Mechanisms and TLBs
  • Interrupts and Exceptions
  • Caching and Memory Types
  • Virtualization Technology (Intel VT and AMD-V)
  • Virtual-8086 Mode
  • MMX and SSE Instructions